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The world is changing and moving at an incredible pace, technology is changing constantly and like most people, we want to make sure it’s safe.

What people may not know is that the current roll out of the 5G telecommunications network, is a massive undertaking being coordinated around the world and pushed by the corporate elite. Engulfing the entire planet via 100 thousand satellites, millions of telecommunication towers, small cells and billions of 5G connected devices flooding the world with invisible electro smog pollution in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

The 5G rollout will increase man-made electromagnetic radiation at unprecedented levels with little to no concern for the safety and wellbeing of the humans who will be exposed to it.

That’s why we have formed the No5G Party to promote legislative schemes, laws and policies to regulate 5G and associated technologies and to ensure independent and thorough studies are conducted. To ensure that the wireless 5G rollout is halted until there is an overall medical consensus proving that electromagnetic radiation is safe for human health, flora, fauna and property.

Join the No5G fight to reform and to ensure that any safety standards adopted by the Australian Government reflect true medical consensus and to ensure that such standards are not biased heavily to industry over our health.

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