Legislative Protection

We will promote and keep intact current legislation to protect Australians subjected to violence through non-consensual application of force in the form of non-ionising EMR against their person and property. Any person being irradiated in the home, workplace, public transport, educational institutions and public places will be given the full protection of the Crown, the Australian Courts and respective law enforcement agencies. We will promote a national Human Rights Act that ratifies via domestic law various international conventions and treaties to ensure that Australians are protected.

We will seek to reinstate Local Government (Council) powers in regards to objecting or approving low impact telecommunication facilities and include the requirement for mandatory environmental impact statements for all telecommunication infrastructure, facilities and development.

We will promote legislation to ensure that telecommunications carriers (including designers, manufacturers, employers, suppliers of plant and equipment) are covered by public liability insurance to indemnify against claims for personal injury, death and damage to property caused directly or indirectly by non-ionising EMR.

Medical practitioners advise that the Australian public are exposed to an extreme risk of harm to health due to ARPANSA’s inadequate safety standards. Therefore we will promote a statutory authority made up of an independent medical board including State and Territories Chief Medical Officers and chaired by Australia’s Chief Medical Officer to regulate the ARPANSA and the ACEBR. The statutory authority will have the regulatory power to approve or reject safety standards set by the ARPANSA and to consider the advice of the ARPANSA and the ACEBR. The medical board will be the sole statutory authority to advise governments and their respective agencies, chief medical officers, industry and the Australian public on health matters concerning non-ionising EMR.

We will promote the formation of a statutory authority independent of the industry backed Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), the ARPANSA, the ACMA and ACEBR to measure and police the amount of non-ionising radiation emitted or proposed to be emitted in all technology on Australian waters, land and airspace (inclusive of outer space) as to compliance with ARPANSA radiation emission standards and ACMA licensing conditions.


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