The aim of the Freedom Alliance is to unite the minor parties with the people and freedom groups who are fighting for freedom in the community.

This is an initiative of the No5G Party as we transform into forming a Freedom Alliance.

We welcome all freedom lovers, parties and community groups to become members. Together we can create a new breed of party!

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Content includes:-

    • Information about elections, quotas and how seats are won.
    • Important legal information towards restoring freedom.
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The problem we all face is that our government and its agencies are captured by corporate and lobby controlling interests. Our government is following directions from outside foreign influences such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation and World Economic Forum. The National Cabinet is a farce!

We need to take the balance of power away from the captured major political parties and the only way to do that is to replace them. The Freedom Alliance is the best chance we have of winning enough seats at the next election. Then we can change the laws and restore our inalienable rights and freedoms.

In an election, seats are won by achieving a vote quota. If the people make their vote count by uniting their voting power under one political party, such as the Freedom Alliance, then the major parties would lose too many seats and lose the balance of power in the parliament. We either together accrue enough votes to meet the quota to win seats or we lose. Simple as that!
Many minor parties fighting for your vote just divides and reduces your voting power. Preferential deals between the parties can only go so far. So the only real answer is for the people to unite their vote under the Freedom Alliance.

The voices on the ground and social media make it clear beyond a doubt that the people realise that the best chance we have is for the minor parties to unite.


It’s simple!

It doesn’t matter which freedom loving political party you follow.

When you join the Freedom Alliance, you’re telling the other freedom loving parties to unite ensuring a balanced, transparent and democratic transition into a super party.

Freedom loving parties who join the Freedom Alliance each get equal representation on the Executive Committee and decide how the Freedom Alliance operates and moves forward. The way it should be.


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NOTE: Additional Freedom Alliance information and updates will continue to be added and you will be notified via SMS/email so you don’t miss a thing!

Written by Daniel Taylor and authorised by Raymond Broomhall of the No5G Party, Richmond, Tasmania.

Last updated January 21, 2022 12:52 pm


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